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The Gift: Versatile Blogger

You are Gifted

I have found choosing Versatile Blogger nominee/awards to be an amazing experience.  I am finding treasures, talents, and diversities.   So, following the Laws of Award Recognition passed on by  The Rag Tree , I recommend five more blogs/sites/tweeters worth following.   These five blogs are incredible, and they can find the Laws of Award Recognition in my previous blogs.  Without further ado, here are my next five nominee/award winners:

6)  SUPREMEULTIMATE   This blog focuses on ‘uplifting the mind, body and soul’, which right from the get go shows great versatility.  Harmony within life is a daily task.  Amenta mixes contemplations on T’ai Chi, music that inspires, along with diet suggestions.  One of the entries that was quite lovely is ‘Seasonal Cycles = Life Cycles”.  It is a seasonal contamplation, and Amenta’s writing is lovely and straight from the heart.  Amenta contemplates on the dichotonomy of  life and death, yin and yang.   Yes…this is supremely ultimate and  please check out this beautiful place.

7) GEEKCRAFTING AND UBERDORKING    NIM knits, sews, and does an awesome job blogging.  The ‘T’ai Chi Pants (double tie) from a Hippie Wall Hanging’ entry pulled me in right away.  What an awesome idea…and I love T’ai Chi fashion!  Cool photography, batiking, marathon tips and a peek into NIM’s world.  I know NIM can cook and sew, but can NIM blog????   Yes,  delightfully so…and with great versatility.  A pure delight.  Check out Geegcrafting!

8)  FELL WITNESS: WATCH A DOCUMENTARY     This is a particularly fascinating blog to me, since I am a fan of film festivals, especially the Ann Arbor Film Festival and all of it’s offerings.  Fell Witness offers some of the finest new documentaries, without you having to do the search.   The documentary passion is definitely ‘fell-t’ here.  Let’s take,  for example,  the most recent post,  BILL CUNNINGHAM NEW YORK.  Fell gives a brief, concise description of this short film…and allures you to take the time to view it for the sake of seeing your longings for that hyped NYC fashion scene.  This is not to mention WASTE LAND, works of art out of trash via Brazil.  This blog is to die for.  Definitely a treasure trove…and I think I have f-a-l-l-e-n…

9)  ZEN MIND, MATERIAL WORLD   Here you will find Zen, Beauty and Grace…Simplicity.  Bobo Bedroom, a post found here, is a lovely description and photo of the author’s  bedroom, along with  it’s simplicity, elegance and calm (in the author’s words)…truly Zen.  This photo speaks for the whole blog, whether your topic of choice is design, attachment, architecture or Zen.  If T’ai Chi and Green Tea are part of your agenda, and even if not, you will find peace visiting this site.  And I might add the insightful writing is definitely worth subscribing to.  Namaste!

10) ARMCHAIR ZEN  The focus of Armchair Zen is the pursuit of peace and the attempt to live anxiety free.  Warm and comforting, Paz relates personal experiences of incorporating these practices in one’s  life.   Posts range from ‘Thinking Not-Thinking’ to “Kind Words versus Critical’ .   If you would like to stumble upon the Path of Enlightenment, pull up a chair, clear your mind and spend some time here…Thank you, Paz.  Peace resides at The Armchair Zen.

I only have 5 more nominee/awards to gift with The Versatile Blogger honor.   I have notified 10 to this date.   Stay posted, and the final five will be posted within the next few days.   Stay posted!

A Bientot!

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