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Celebration is in Order…


A Gift

It is true that today the world is toasting the new Duke and Duchess, William and Kate.  But it is time for me to put on my Tiara in celebration of  the award/nomination  for my first WP award, The Versatile Blogger.    I must thank  The Rag Tree  for this glorious surprise.

I have graciously accepted this award.  The following is what The Rag Tree had to say about Yin Yang:

“There is certainly a respect for things Oriental here: Japanese woodblock prints, ceramics, ink on paper, the Chosen Dynasty–but this blogger’s field of vision at times ranges far beyond the East. Tags include Ramon Santiago, Wikileaks, Tom Waits, the Human Genome, and Antonio Gaudi. And I find the interest in Korea refreshing; more has happened there than many folks imagine (and as one of the RT’s threads will get around to discussing before too much longer). Check out YY and expand your horizons!”

My nominator has a special way with words, very lush and intriguing, so check out  The Rag Tree.   I can’t express my gratitude enough.

As I have been told, there are laws…

Thank the person who honored you and print a link to their blog.  This has been done and with pleasure.

– Tell 7 random facts about yourself.    Oh, to choose, to choose.  a) My maternal grandmother was born in Warsaw, Poland.  One of my life dreams is to visit her town.  b) I got rid of my car and walk to work (1 block from my home).  I found that walking everywhere is a great way to stay in shape.  c) I am currently working on a painting titled “The Angel of Debt”.  d) J’adore France and Brasil, and have seen every Brazilian singer that has performed here in my town within the last 7 years.  e)  I love winning tickets to concerts from radio shows.  f) I collect hostas (which are originally from Japan).  I can spend hours in my garden without realizing the amount of time passing.   g)  I am a huge fan of Andy Warhol.

– Pass the word to 15 new-found bloggers.  This will have to be postponed until my next post while I make these lauded choices.

– Contact each blogger who receives this nomination.

– Let the giver of the award know whether you accept it or not.   I definitely accept….with one huge smile!

Being nominated for an award feels glorious.  Now I am off to find 15 new-found ‘versatile bloggers’…to be announced in the near future.  Bon Nuit!!!

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