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Marcel Breuer and Friends…

Marcel Breuer and Friends...

Name dropping…marcel breuer, poul kjaerholm , jean prouvé, jesus and mary! Oh my…but if you can’t get the real thing, going to treasure marts and second hand shops, if you will, you might be able to put this together ‘snap’! I love this room a lot. This is a fun way to put together an apartment.


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Great thoughts on what a ‘Buddhist aesthetic’ would look like in relation to the eightfold path. Thoughts for the day.
-j. quigley

Zen Mind, Material World

Lindesfarne Guest House, Green Gulch FarmLindisfarne Guest House, Green Gulch Farm (Photo: Travis Stansel)

“In entering the eightfold path, self-centeredness is the first thing to fall away, which brings us into wisdom, which brings us into a greater empathetic relationship with others, and also, I think, opens up a new aesthetic…. the world ceases to be flat, opaque and not terribly interesting; boring. And that begins to wear away once we begin to realize how rare and how temporary our life on this earth is. It opens up the world, and begins to give us a whole new perspective on life, one that is not driven by satisfying our selfish and egocentric concerns but one that is concerned with responding to life at a much greater depth.”

Stephen Batchelor at Spirit Rock Meditation Center, Nov. 1, 2009

What exactly would a Buddhist aesthetic look like? As Batchelor says above, it would be driven by…

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Photo Narrative Winner: Forrest

Photo Narrative Winner: Forrest.

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Artist: Luzinterruptus

Mutant Weeds, the latest guerrilla lighting installation by Luzinterruptus, is a comment on environmental pollution. Instead of dimming the green illuminated signage that denotes the presence of a pharmacy, the city of Madrid allows such lights to shine more brightly, thereby ensuring that the surrounding area is bathed in a green glow. Using fluorescent sticks formed into blades of grass, Luzinterruptus planted a garden of the near future, where a new, photosensitive species grows up from the sidewalks, nourished by the lights.  – by sabine7 / April 2, 2012

I am sharing this because of this installation’s statement on environmental pollution (and the fact that I have always been obsessed with neon).  – j. quigley

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